Hypnoisis Instuctions

Please carefully read this entire page.



  • ALLERGY ALLERT: Ralph has two Siamese cats.
  • Ralph lives at 650 Parliament Street (see map). In your Confirmation Email and Reminder Email, you’ll receive Ralph’s apartment number, buzz code and phone number. Please check your “Junk Folder.”
  • If late, your session will be shortened. Arriving too early can also be problematic if Ralph has a client before you.
  • Visitor parking is behind 650 Parliament Street at a cost of $3 per half hour via pay machine. The entrance to parking is on the south side of Ralph’s building (see map). Street parking is also available in the surrounding area.
  • All year round, Ralph keeps his home cool, so bring a light sweater.


  • To reach your goal, it’s best to attend six sessions. This includes an Intro Session plus five  Follow-Up Sessions.
  • Your first Follow-Up Session should take place four to seven days after your Intro Session. All sessions after that should be weekly.
  • Intro Sessions take place on Friday evenings (see current availability).
  • Follow-Up Sessions are offered on Tuesday and Friday evenings (see current availability).
  • If your availability is limited, you might want to book all six sessions in advance. If your evenings are flexible, feel free to book as you go. If none of these times work, we regrettably can’t accommodate you.
  • If you decide to end this program early, please notify Ralph so he can make space for new clients ?
  • All booking are final. No cancellations, rescheduling of appointments, or refunds.


  • Please come to the Intro Session with only one goal in mind. If you have multiple goals, you’ll need to complete six sessions for each additional goal.
  • At every session, Ralph will use his Life Coaching background to fully examine your goal and get updates on your progress. This added perspective will make your hypnosis far more impactful.


  • For best results, you must be open to hypnosis and have a strong desire to reach your goal.
  • A hypnotist can’t make you say or do anything against your will. You’re in full control during your session.
  • While hypnotized, you’ll feel deeply relaxed, but fully aware of the entire session.
  • For an unbiased scientific explanation of hypnosis, watch this video.